Trump’s Pretexts to Worsen Ties with Cuba Denounced

Moscow, Oct 31 (Prensa Latina) Cuban ambassador to Russia, Emilio Lozada, has described today as political manipulation the arguments offered by the Donald Trump administration about alleged sonic attacks against U.S. diplomats.

This is only aimed at worsening the ties between Cuba and the United States, it does not contribute to the normal development of the relationships between both countries and does not correspond with the truth at all.

There is no evidence on acoustic attacks against diplomats in Cuba, Lozada said.

I can say that such attacks never exist, with full awareness of what I am saying and I recommend you watch a video on Cuban television entitled ‘Presumed acoustic attacks’, he explained.

The mentioned videos include a scientific demonstration that those attacks never happened, he added.

The diplomat, responding a question from Prensa Latina, said that Trump’s policy is opposed to any logic of normal relations between Cuba and the United States.

As Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez said, while Trump closes Cuba opens, and in that sense, the new immigration measures are part of an updating of that policy and are inserted in the practice of maintaining normal ties with their immigration, he said.

This is an example of Cuba’s willingness to maintain a normal relation with immigration in the same sense that it has demonstrated its willingness to maintain relations with the United States with full respect for our sovereignty and without making concessions, he said.

According to the Cuban diplomat, the recent measures adopted by President Trump only lead the U.S. administration to greater isolation in Latin America and also in the rest of the international community because Trump’s policy against Cuba is the object of a condemnation of the entire world community, he stated.

The Duma has condemned since 1996 the blockade on Cuba and many people from President Vladimir Putin to ordinary citizens who support Cuba and condemn the blockade did it this year. We feel the solidarity of the Russian government and people, he said.

Cuba and Russia have maintained growing economic relations, with important projects in energy and transportation, among others, which allows affirming that Russia participates effectively in the Cuban socioeconomic development plan until 2020, he said.

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