Tropicana of Santiago de Cuba ready for Great Feasts

Havana, Jun 22.- Cabaret Tropicana in Santiago de Cuba gets ready in a peculiar way for the celebration of 500 anniversary of the foundation of this city, second in importance of this archipelago.

This night club is a replica of the famous Havana Tropicana, founded in 1939. The one in Santiago will host one of the celebrations of the 500 anniversary with a new program, as it was announced this weekend by producers and artists through electronic reports.

Santiago will mark next July 25 its half millennium, once first capital of the island, besides having a rich history, cultural traditions, above all, musical.

Precisely here is held every year the Feast of Fire, a combination of dancing, music and culture in general that attracts performers from all the Caribbean.

As part of the 500 years, Tropicana Santiago will propose a renewed show to welcome tourists from all over the world, including passages of the most important historic moments of the city in a musical baptized as Frenesi (Frenzy).

They explained the show will have a script by Vladimir Martinez, the artistic direction of Andres Gutierrez and co-direction by Antonio Perez, together with fashion designer Abraham, very popular in this country and abroad.

The specialist in communications of the Artistic Shows Agency (Turarte S.A.), Galia Jerez, added that the show will be presented on July 25.

Considered the biggest cabaret in Cuba, Tropicana Santiago was opened on August 5, 1991 with the presence of sports authorities and athletes participating in the Pan American Games held that year in Havana and having Santiago as second venue.(Prensa Latina)

Radio Cadena Agramonte, June 22, 2015

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