Trinidad: Cuba’s Best Preserved Colonial Town

Trinidad is situated on the Caribbean coast between the white sandy beaches of Player Ancon, and the Sierra Escambray mountain range.  Trinidad is a very pretty town, with lots to see and lots to do.

The old part of town is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a maze of narrow cobbled streets and some of Cuba’s best-preserved colonial architecture. Wander around the streets of pastel painted houses with wrought iron railings at the windows. Catch glimpses through the open doorways, of courtyards abundant with fragrant flowers.

Wander around the cobled streets

Stroll around beautiful Plaza Mayor, visit the Museo Romantico and spend some time ‘mooching’ around the artisan street markets, where you can buy beautiful woodcarvings, fabric, art, and crochet pieces.

One of my favourite views is looking down from the tower of the Museo Histórico Municipal, (a magnificent palatial mansion just off the Plaza Mayo), over the jumbled red-tiled rooftops, towards the Caribbean Sea.

Trinidad has a romantic, timeless atmosphere. Although it can get very busy with visiting day-trippers, it still feels authentic. It is a living, breathing, vibrant, Cuban town, where everyday life continues around the ancient plazas and colonial houses which once housed the wealthy sugar barons.

Dusk is my favourite time for taking photos in Trinidad! Trinidad has a whole different feel to it, once the day-trippers have left. The plazas and streets become almost empty of tourists, the light is fantastic, and the sunsets create some amazing back-drops.


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