Tribute in China to Cuban scientists’ work

Beijing, Dec 4 (Prensa Latina) Cuban children and adolescents on Saturday paid tribute from China to Cuban scientists and especially honored their work to obtain vaccines in record time to protect he population from Covid-19.

With poetry, experiments and interactive games, the children celebrated the training, achievements and prestige reached by those health professionals, even to similar levels to those of their colleagues in rich nations.

They met with representatives of the sector to learn about the research, development, production and results of the Cuban-made Covid-19 vaccines including Abdala (CIGB-66) and Soberana 02, which were developed thanks to the progress of Cuban biotechnology.

The officials explained that Cuba has been recognized as a scientific power globally for producing effective medicines and equipment to improve human health, and also in areas such as agriculture, veterinary medicine and the environment.

Those results, they added, have allowed Cuba to establish biotechnological cooperation with China in 2004, where three joint ventures prepare and market monoclonal antibodies to treat cancer, as well as different drugs, vaccines and agricultural products, among others.

One positive outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic is that it vindicated the value of health and science workers, who have faced a tough professional and personal test because they defend life at the risk of their own.


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