Traveling Display of Caribbean Movies Gets to Santiago de Cuba

The screening of French-Haitian film “Toussaint Louverture” at the recently-refurbished Cuba Movie Theater set the beginning of the Traveling Display of Caribbean Movies. Fifteen films from the Dominican Republic, France, Haiti, Colombia, Cuba, Canada, Guadalupe, Cayman Islands, Bahamas and United States are slated to be screened at Enramadas’ Cuba Movie Theater, through November 2.

Furthermore, the children are also going to enjoy short films, produced by Costa Rica, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia, Guadalupe and Venezuela: “Chester, Anancy y el sentido común”, “La casa roja”, “Conejo viejo es duro de matar”, “La serpiente del cielo”, “Debajo de la hoja”, “La noche de las estrellas”, and “Cosas para cambiar”.

The list of movies to be displayed at Cuba Movie Theater is made up of Colombian “El color no hace al ladrón”, Cuban “Roble de olor”, “Nosotros y el jazz”, “Yo soy del son a la sala” and “20 años”; from Haiti-Canada “Alma negra”, “Calypso Rose” from Trinidad & Tobago; Guadalupe’ “La felicidad de Elsa”; “¡Traga!” from Cayman Islands, and “Lluvia” from Bahamas.

The program is completed by the Dominican Republic’s “Trópico de sangre” and “Hombres y dioses”, and USA- Cuba “Maestra”, as well as USA-Haiti “Los amores de un zombi”.

The Traveling Display of Caribbean Movies was founded in 2006 in an effort to foster Caribbean movies in the region and around the world.

In this respect, the UNESCO comments that the initiative is highly valuable when it comes to preserving the cultural diversity and standing for ethical values and mutual knowledge among the people of the Caribbean.


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