Travel to Cuba with AFWA

Each year, the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) partners with People to People to send a delegation of women to a foreign country. This year’s trip, scheduled for November 28 – December 6, 2014, offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to Cuba.

The primary objective of this delegation is to develop a better understanding of Cuban people, industry, and culture. We hope to interact with the local citizens and take part in mutually-beneficial, thoughtful engagement. During exchanges, we hope to learn how similar all people are, as well as gain a greater appreciation for the Cuban culture. We will attempt to schedule interactions with accounting and financial professionals in Cuba, with preference given to those that can speak to women’s issues in their respective fields.

The delegation will participate in discussions with local Cubans. We hope to:

      • Meet face to face with local Cubans to learn more about a culture that has been hidden by governments
      • Have small-group discussions with our hosts during which we can exchange ideas, share cultures, and promote peace and understanding
      • Speak with students who want to become accountants
      • Learn how the Cuban people live and work
      • Discuss whether or not there are business development opportunities for women in Cuba
      • Examine what defines Cuban culture

Learn more about AFWA’s delegation to Cuba

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