Travel to Cuba back in the news

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Trips to Cuba are again a topic of debate in Florida.

These days´ digital media highlights strong rumors circulating about a possible ¨general license about to be approved¨ by the Congress which would facilitate U.S. citizens travels to Cuba.

Several experts have said, it is practically imminent that the Obama administration will take steps to ease travel restrictions to the island.

On the other side, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, who has been a strong and persistent critic of Obama’s policy toward Cuba; has said he strongly opposes any relaxation around Cuba travel, considering them a source of livelihood for the Castro regime.

Diaz-Balart considers resuming restrictions that existed under President Bush, noting that it would even be necessary, making them more severe in the case of Cuban Americans.

Sources close to the congressman’s office said they are working to introduce an amendment in US Congress, stating that Cubans who make use of the Adjustment Act, cannot travel back to Cuba, at least, for the following five years. Those who violate this regulation and travel before this period, will be withdrawn the residence and work permit, and could be possibly excluded of the right to send remittances to the island.

As we got to know, they have already readied the draft and they are now assessing the suitable legislative project to be included in, preferably one resulting strategic for both parties where the Cuba issue can be sacrificed for the sake of reaching an agreement or other law-making proposal, not very visible, to place this amendment so that it can go unnoticed and be approved without difficulty.

Back in 2011, Mario Diaz-Balart also tried unsuccessfully to introduce a similar to the Budget Act in order to limit remittances and travels to Cuba, generating widespread rejection in the Cuban community based in U.S.

Diaz-Balart again returns to lash out at those it is supposed to represent and defend as a Congressman, although after previous experience, now does it without the media fanfare of 2011, but using a more subtle and quiet way to achieve their goals.

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