Touring Cuba: Beatles concert pops up in Havana suburb

There are many parks scattered across Havana. We found  one in the Vedado neighborhood, west of the city. It’s named after a famous musician but he’s not Cuban. And it’s very likely you know his name. It’s called John Lennon Park. And one day it became the center of a celebration, after a hard days night.

“Imagine” a Beatles concert popped up in the middle of your street right outside your home. That’s basically what happened in Havana one night.

“I said there’s a free concert in John Lennon Park!” said Linda Powell from Birmingham, Alabama.

In order to see the concert, all you need is love, for the Beatles that is. The show was completely free.

Beatles cover bands took the massive stage and for hours performed the hits from the English rock band. Nearly every person was wearing some kind of shirt with the Beatles on it. And they all come together to pose with the John Lennon statue.

It’s not a typical night in Cuba and it’s one people may not ever see again.  But even after the band has packed away and the park returns to normal the next day, it still leaves behind fond memories of yesterday.

See video here.

Kristin Crowley, WREX.COM

July 14, 2017

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