Top Traditional Cuban Drinks


President CoctelPresident

This refreshing cocktail should be prepared with a measure of black vermouth, white rum, a dash of grenadine, ice chips, and finally must be served in a glass with cherries and orange peel.

Saoco CoctelSaoco

Drink made with coconut milk and sugar cane brandy or rum, and served with an absorbent in the same coconut which was prepared.


Cuban Ginger CoctelCuban Ginger

Drink made with apple liquor and alcoholic Ginger Ale. It is recommended that the rum that is used in its production is the Havana Club Añejo 7 years.

Havana Loco Coctel

Havana Loco

Fantastic cocktail made with rum Havana Club and rich tropical fruit.


Crema de Vie

Crema de Vie

Cold drink made preferably with condensed milk, syrup, egg yolk, vanilla and rum, brandy or alcohol.


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