Top dishes in Cuban Cuisine

This relationship is made up of 26 dishes, with emphasis on special Cuban cuisine.

It explains that they are also the dishes that represent Cubans in events and demonstrations abroad, the most demanded by both domestic and foreign tourists.

In 2016 Cuba received for the first time 4.2 million foreign visitors and hopes to complete 2017 with 4.7 millions while diversifying the offers and besides offering sunshine and beaches it also proposes nature, culture, nautical sports, congresses, workshops and gastronomy.

The Facrc notes that they achieved compliance with the documents of this professional entity, by keeping the Cuban cuisine alive and safeguarding it, a desire of several generations of cooks and experts of the sector.

The Cuban Cuisine Day is celebrated on October 18, recalls the communiqué, because of an important triumph of the cuban chefs delegation in a European gastronomic competition in 1984.

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