Tombs of Cuban Independence Heroes Now on Heritage Site

Havana, Oct 9 (Prensa Latina) The tombs of the Father of the Homeland, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, and Mariana Grajales, also a hero of the Cuban war of independence, were moved to the heritage site of Santa Efigenia Cemetery, in Santiago de Cuba, and a special tribute will take place on October 10, on the 149th anniversary of the beginning of the I War of Independence.

The political and military ceremony will take place at 7:00 hours (local time) at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery, in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba, Granma daily reported.

According to the newspaper, more than 350 guests from Camagüey and Santiago de Cuba will participate at the event, which will be broadcast live by Cuban television and radio.

The people of Santiago will pay tribute to Cespedes, Grajales (mother of independence hero Antonio Maceo and other leading figures of the War of Independence), and also to National Hero Jose Marti and the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Not only the funeral monument of Cespedes, but also the tomb of Mariana Grajales were carefully moved to the central heritage area of the cemetery, the information added.

On October 10, 1868, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes freed his slaves at La Demajagua sugar mill, in eastern Cuba, and declared independence from the Spanish Crown.

The Ten-Year War began that day, paving the way for a process of independence that ended on January 1, 1959, with the triumph of the Revolution.

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