To Savor the Cuban, in November

Designed to contribute to the efforts to rescue and promote the Cuban cuisine, To Savor the Cuban returns from 12 to 15 November to Havana with the theme “the essence is in the taste.”

The fifth edition of To Savor the Cuban, organized by the company tourist Habaguanex S.A., of the Office of the historian of Havana, will be sitting on the eve of the anniversary 495 of the city and will include lectures, workshops, contests, exhibitions of fine arts and other initiatives.

The organizers, who have both called for amateurs as professionals in the hospitality industry, reported that the event will address issues such as perception of taste on new trends in gastronomy; the influence of Italian cuisine in the formation of the gastronomic culture of Cuba; trends in nutrition (eat vs. eat); Cuban cheese wine pairings; the world of cold coffee and its varieties; new essences of Havana Club 7 years, and the sweet potato, a primary food in the diet of the Cuban.

They will include collateral spaces of To Savor the Cuban cocktails and cooking contests and sessions devoted to the developments in the sector of A + B.

One of the competitions, “Innovation in the mixture of flavors,” will bring together amateurs and professionals in two ways: the Italian and Cuban fusion of cuisines from new trends in gastronomy, and the marriage between cocktails (with rum Havana Club Añejo 7 year basis) and Havana cigars.

(More information: phone 861‐7620 / 867‐1039 ext.132.) E-mail:

Cuba contemporanea, September 1, 2014

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