Time is Now to Resume U.S.-Cuba Relations, Says NYT Editor

andrew-nyt[1]Washington, Nov 13.- For the first time in over 50 years, the political situation in the United States and Cuba is favorable to resume bilateral relations, said Andrew Rosenthal, editor of the editorial pages of The New York Times.

In an interview transmitted by the BBC British Network, the executive of the US newspaper argued on the recent publication of five article in the course of the last month, dedicated to Cuba and to the end of the embargo (economic, financial and commercial blockade) imposed by the White House against the Caribbean island more than half a century ago.

According to Rosenthal, the frequency of these editorials will keep on searching for angles to feed-up the debate, as there is “an increasing number of voices in the United States who advocate for a greater rapprochement with Havana.

In Washington, it is being argued that president Barack Obama has an important window of opportunity to signal change on his Cuba policy, in the run to the upcoming Summit of the Americas that will be held in April, 2015 in Panama, underlined the journalist.

Rosenthal also said what the Times ultimately wants is to “influence U.S. policymakers as they keep pondering a Cuba policy”.

The five editorials in both languages (English-Spanish) published until now are:

“Time to end the embargo on Cuba” (October 11), “The Impressive Contribution of Cuba in the Struggle against Ebola” (October 19) and “Electoral changes on Cuba policy ” (October 25). The fourth editorial was “Prisoners exchange with Cuba (November 2) and “Cuba, Misadventures of US in Trying to Overturn its Regime (November 9, 2014).

The New York Times is considered by many the most influential paper of the United States. Its editorials tend to be discussed in political circles in Washington and they frequently have international repercussion, recalled the BBC.(Prensa Latina).

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