They demand in Guyana stop of US blockade to Cuba

Georgetown, June 20 (Prensa Latina) More than twenty Cubans and members of solidarity groups on Sunday demanded an end to the United States blockade against Cuba.

Cuban Ambassador Narciso Reinaldo Amador; the head of Guyana-Cuba Movement, Halim Kahn; and the Chief of Cuban Medical Brigade, Ineldo Ruiz, presided the event, which was took place at the venue of the health collaborators in Leonora region.

Before doctors, nurses, Cuban residents and diplomatic personnel, high-school student Richard Ishmael noted that it is a long struggle, the world has repudiated such an inhumane and cruel policy and has said ¨enough¨, he underlined.

Amador, on his behalf, thanked the permanent and firm support from the Guyanese people to his homeland and emphasized that on June 23, at the United Nations General Assembly, the international community will again demand an end to the US criminal blockade on Cuba.

In regard to the UN General Assembly´s vote on a resolution in favor of an end to Washington´s economic blockade against Havana, 15 US cities plus a number of others from the rest of the world expressed their solidarity with Cuba.

The Cuban Government assures that the unilateral measures implemented by the White House are the main obstacle to the country´s development and are a mass violation of human rights, due to the damage, suffering and shortages imposed on families.

Despite the condemnation of the international community, former US President Donald Trump strengthened the blockade to unprecedented levels by passing 243 measures against Cuba.


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