These 5 Stats Show That Airbnb Is Becoming Big in Cuba

The Caribbean island is hot online. Getty Images

So, we asked the home-lodging website for data that would show more precisely how things are going with Cuba, which is gearing up for a potential influx of American tourists in the wake of President Obama’s easing of 50-year-old sanctions. Here are five intriguing stats the company gave us:

  • It took three years for San Francisco and Berlin to grow to 1,000 listings on the site, but it only took Cuba two months.
  • Since Airbnb became available in Cuba on April 2, nearly 500 new hosts have joined and created listings.
  • Thirty different cities and towns are represented in the listings.
  • Approximately 40 percent of them are for Havana locations.
  • Since the launch, Airbnb searches for Cuba increased by 27 times.

Lastly, per the San Francisco-based tech player, more Americans have been searching for Cuba than Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires or Mexico City.

By Christopher Heine, AdWeek

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