The victory of Cuba at the UN affects world media

Major media world, both in the written press, radio and television and, expressed in its principal spaces overwhelming rejection of the international community to blockade for more than half a century, has imposed various US administrations to small island of Cuba.

The New York Times under the title On Cuba Embargo, It is the US and Israel Against the World – Again (In the embargo on Cuba, the United States and Israel against the world again) evaluated blocking economic, commercial fence and financial, and 188 nations adopted in UN General Assembly resolution calling for Cuba to the need to end this coercive policy of Washington.

Telesur TV in their digital spaces and Radio del Sur, from Venezuela, with a lot of activity in their social networks developed headlines which highlighted the participation of groups of nations, organizations, and the European Union against the economic blockade, financial and commercial.

Groups of Cuban residents in several Latin American and European nations, also expressed his joy at the outcome of this vote in the seat of the General Assembly of the United Nations, while the Bolivarian daily VEA released statements Rogelio Polanco, Ambassador Cubans in Venezuela, who acknowledged the work of the late President Hugo Chavez in the struggle against the blockade and appreciated the solidarity and support received from the people of the world.

The satellite agency said Al Majadeen total unity of the Arab peoples in their condemnation of the blockade against Cuba, with the only dissenting voice of Israel, a nation that has always behaved as the backyard of the US administration.

Cuban Radio, October 29, 2014

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