The United States and the subversion against Cuba through Internet

Havana, May 14 (Prensa Latina) The United States government tried since 2007 to create illegal Internet access points in Cuba to subvert order on the island, the local press reported today.

According to the national daily Granma, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) sent agents and contractors to the Caribbean country to investigate illicit satellite television connection networks and propose ways to convert them into Internet access networks.

‘As part of the program, they ordered to put into operation ten BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) equipment in Cuban territory, which according to their calculations, would allow reducing expenses for other activities,’ says the text.

According to the article, the agents had to safely send daily reports on the capacities to detect this type of connection by the Ministries of Communication and the Interior.

‘They also required information on the movement of troops of the FAR (Revolutionary Armed Forces) in certain regions of the country and characterization of leaders and cadres of the Revolution,’ says Granma.

The newspaper emphasizes that the CIA decided to guarantee access to the network of networks to successfully carry out media campaigns against Cuba and strengthen control, through technological and content dominance, of Big Data studies, among others.

In addition, the northern government created a survey program as a ‘strategic planning tool that can emphasize the attention that the island’s leaders offer to issues that are really important to the population.’

Granma reports that this research on public opinion, carried out by the International Republican Institute, constitutes an important source of information for the Internet Operative Group for Subversion in Cuba, created by the US government.

Different specialists and former agents of the Cuban State Security demonstrated that Washington uses technology and the recruitment of young people to achieve social destabilization that leads to an eventual change in the political system in the Antillean country.

The United States reported expenditures of over 261 million dollars in subversion projects against Cuba from 1990 until this year.

In this sense, the Cuba Money Project assures that over 124 million dollars were allocated to the purpose described as ‘democratic participation and civil society’, around 38 million for the issue of ‘human rights’ and 25 million dedicated to ‘media and free Information flow’.


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