Cuba denounces US Aggression to Discredit Medical Collaboration

Havana, Aug 29 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban government denounced this Thursday a recent US attack through a USAID program that allocates millions to ‘hinder, discredit and sabotage’ Cuban medical cooperation, recognized worldwide.

A statement issued by the Cuban Foreign Ministry condemned the latests aggression, which adds to the ‘pressures exerted against several governments to hinder Cuban cooperation.’

The text, published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX), adds that it is also part of previous efforts with the same purpose, such as the special ‘parole’ program aimed at stealing human resources trained in Cuba.

Cuban authorities described as ‘immoral slander’ Washington’s allegations that the country incurs in human trafficking or the practice of slavery, as well as the claims to denigrate the work of health professionals and technicians in several countries.

The MINREX statement said that it is an ‘insult against bilateral and intergovernmental cooperation programs, all legitimately established between the Cuban government and governments of dozens of countries.’ 

It pointed out that these collaboration programs are consistent with the UN guidelines on South-South cooperation and respond to the health requirements that those governments themselves define sovereignly.
Cuba’s government insisted that these exchanges among developing countries are totally fair and legitimate, many of which lack the health coverage Cuba has manaaged to guarantee, with years of experience.

In that sense, the document stressed that Cuban technicians and professionals who participate in these programs ‘do so absolutely freely and voluntarily.’

MINREX explained that during the fulfillment of their mission, Cuban personnel continue to receive their salary in full in Cuba and also have a stipend in the country where they are posted, along with other compensations.

The text highlighted that the new lies ‘are revealing of the low moral status of the US government and politicians who are engaged in the business of attacking Cuba.’

According to this statement, the latest orchestrated campaign has million-dollar funds and the complicity of large media outlets, in particular, ‘unscrupulous reporters who sacrifice their supposed impartiality and objectivity in the service of the political interests of the US government.’

Access to health is a human right and the US commits a crime by attempting to deny or hinder it with political or aggressive motives, Cuban authorities denounced.


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