The Pope praises end of “reciprocal silence” between the US and Cuba

Pope Francis praises today the end of “reciprocal silence” between the US and Cuba, two countries that his Holiness highlights as an example that a dialogue “can really build bridges”.

In a speech delivered at the Regal Room in the Apostolic Palace before diplomats, his Holiness tackled several subjects regarding international conflicts, and he mentioned “some fruits of peace”, showing that the “dialogue culture is possible”.

Pope Francis stated: “An example that I really appreciate, which has shown a dialogue can really build bridges, is the recent decision of the United States of America to put an end to a reciprocal silence with Cuba, which lasted half a century. Both countries want to close ties for the sake of their people”.

The Pope´s words come to light almost a month after it was know the Vatican involvement in the re-establishment of Cuba and the US relation.

Written by EFE, CubaSí

January 12, 2015

Cubasi Translation Staff

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