The people of Caracas reaffirm support for Constituent Assembly

Photo: AVN

Venezuela is attacked because it has oil, gold, water, and gas… but also because it has a dignified people, said ANC deputy Diosdado Cabello speaking to a massive demonstration of support for the Constituent Assembly August 7

CARACAS.— Diverse political and social movements, and organized popular power bodies, marched on August 7 from Caracas’ Plaza Morelos to the Federal Legislative Palace, to reaffirm their support for the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), installed on August 4.

Speaking before the crowds of men and women who mobilized in a demonstration of support for President Nicolás Maduro and the Assembly, ANC deputy Diosdado Cabello affirmed that since the very emergence of the Bolivarian Revolution in 1999, Venezuela has become the target of imperialist attacks and of governments responding to the interests of those powers.

Cabello explained that the excessive onslaught of the U.S. and its supporters in the region, together with the actions of the domestic right wing, are an attempt to return to the past and rob Venezuelans of their dignity, in order to seize the country’s wealth.

“Venezuela is attacked because it has oil, gold, water, and gas, because of its natural resources. But that is just one aspect, they also attack it because it has a dignified people, because it has a dignified President, who does not surrender, who does not respond to their orders,” Cabello stressed in the act broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión.

“This August 7, we loudly and proudly state that we don’t care if they threaten us, because we have decided to be free, to be sovereign and to be independent,” he added.

Hundreds of activists participated in the march “to reaffirm once again the support for the ANC for which a large majority of Venezuelans voted,” stated Rubén Iriarte, a Caracas resident who participated in the mobilization.

In addition to the desire to reconfirm their support for this democratic mechanism, and the ANC members elected through the secret and direct vote of more than eight million Venezuelans, “We came to support the decisions made by our Assembly, necessary to guarantee the nation’s peace,” he added.

Upon arriving at the headquarters of the Public Ministry, on Avenida Universidad, the march stopped to express the support of the Venezuelan people to newly assigned Attorney General Tarek William Saab, sworn in on August 5.

“Human Rights defenders have been present in this Public Ministry, in this new Public Prosecutor’s Office, to accompany” Saab “in his efforts to clear this facility of political mercenaries,” stressed ANC member Darío Vivas, who participated in the march.

Vivas also thanked the organizations that bring together victims of right wing promoted political violence since 1999, in episodes such as the coup in April 2002, the oil sabotage 15 years ago, and the 2014 insurrectional plan called “La Salida”, for their support.

Through this march, the revolutionary people also expressed their support for the Truth Commission, installed within the ANC to investigate the crimes committed in the last three months promoted by opposition sectors.


Members of the Venezuelan Military High Command released a statement August 7, from the city of Caracas, in which they called on the people to join forces and resist the imperialist attacks of the right.

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López reported that the situation which developed August 6 at Fort Paramacay (Carabobo state) was part of attacks and sieges against Venezuela that have been encouraged from abroad.

“I call on the people to ensure national unity. These imperialist attacks must unite us as a country, as a nation. They are acting against an entire nation, not just against President Nicolás Maduro or Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López, but against a people, a homeland,” he stressed.

AVN, Granma

August 8, 2017

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