The Oldest Living Person in Cuba is a 113-year-old Woman

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 30 (acn) Petronila Ernat is the name of the oldest living Cuba, a resident of eastern Las Tunas province, who just turned 113 years old.

aging graphThe confirmed information stemmed from the 12th Meeting of Long-Lived Persons held in Havana, which also announced that another 134 long-lived Cuban citizens also reside in that eastern territory.

Old Ernat begins her everyday activities at 3 am and she needs no assistance to walk or move, though she no longer does other housework tasks like her usual attention of domestic animals.

The woman’s diet consists of lots of vegetables and tender corn soup, which gives her enough strength to still wash her clothes in the traditional manual way by placing them into a sink (called Batea in Cuba) where she rubs all of it with her old hands. Some say that not long ago she even climbed a mango tree to get hold of fruit.

Cuba counts on a special healthcare program for the long-lived, which also includes prevention and educative actions, said medical specialist Iliana Reyes.

The forum featured a swimming exhibit and other physical activities, including traditional Cuban dances by the senior citizens.

Experts from Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Chile and Venezuela participated at the event to analyze issue related to aging and the environment, physical exercises in the old age, primary healthcare, hospitalĀ  and institutional attention to senior citizens.

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