The new authorities of Popular Power receive preparation for the exercise of its mandate

Havana, Jan 16 (Radio Cadena Agramonte) – Intense days of preparation experience these days the representatives of the people, after the first stage of the general elections, the constitution of the municipal assemblies of People’s Power and the subsequent delivery of the charge on the part of the outgoing Presidents and Vice-Presidents elected authorities in that instance.

The new delegates from five thousand 876 constituencies received before assuming their functions, information essential for the exercise of its mandate, such as the characteristics of the demarcation, the socio-political context, the situation of the outstanding approaches and the documentation set.

Visits to centers of production and services, contacts with the social organizations and of masses and with officials of the main directions of the councils of the Administration, part of the work schedule of the elected leaders.

In addition, the municipal presidents and vice presidents participate in courses focused on the economic and social situation of their provinces, the implementation and development of the lineaments of the economic and social policy, and the materialization of the contribution to local development, among others.

Also delve into the procedures set forth in the regulations and provisions governing the operation of the municipal assemblies, its commissions, councils and the administration at that level, to achieve the improvement of these organs. (Granma) (Photo: Juan Mendoza Medina)

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