The Doubtful Benefits of the US Plans for Cuba

The Doubtful Benefits of the US Plans for Cuba

Feb 23 (Radio Rebelde) A Task Force or an Operational Force is terminology that comes from the U.S. armed forces and it defines a temporary unit to work on a specific operation.

Following the guidelines designed by the President, Donald Trump through his Presidential Memorandum from June 16th of last year, the U.S. government announced the creation of a a new task force on internet that would be dedicated to subvert the internal order in Cuba.

According to the communiqué issued by the U.S. State Department, that Operational group is made of up governmental and non-governmental officials with the purpose of “promoting the free flow of information” in Cuba. However, is it that assertion a reality? Cubans will never forget our history. How could we forget in the face of a machinery designed to create permanent subversive projects which are aimed at subverting a change of regime and the destruction of the Cuban Revolution?

For many decades and through the Cuban and United States dispute, there have been phrases such as “working for the freedom of expression” and “expanding the internet access in Cuba. ” They have been used by the United States of America to hide the destabilizing plans, along with the use of the new technologies.

As a matter of fact, those subversive plans are not new. They are from many years ago and they have projects which can be apparently attractive, but there is a tricky and subtle attempt about disrupting the political system set in Cuba since half a century.

Cubans know pretty well that there are countless U.S. agencies which use undercover social networks for their propaganda, deception, massive messaging and the construction of false histories. We already saw it in other nations of the world: They supposedly send noble messages such as news on sports, music and culture and the news with a marked political message included in order to cause popular uprisings.

The Doubtful Benefits of the US Plans for Cuba

Regarding the histories of the institutions in charge of promoting the Operational force on internet against Cuba, they are outrageously embarrassing ones.

As a matter of fact, it is outrageous that according to that official presentation, that group created by the United States has the mission to analyze the “technological challenges and opportunities about the extension on internet in Cuba to help the Cuban people to enjoy a free and not regulated flow of information.”

If there is so much concern by them, why do they not explain that when there is an intense and permanent mass media campaign to try to blame and accuse the Cuban state by trying not to increase the Internet service and other related services and the blockade on Cuba which prevent Cuba from getting the wider and better access on internet?

With lots of technological limitations, there is a sovereign political policy approved by the Cuban government that establishes the related and increasing information of the society. There are much more that we need to advance in relation to the use of the new technologies, but absolutely no one in Washington should ever think that we are a naive nation.

The Doubtful Benefits of the US Plans for Cuba

Cuba has reiterated that aggressions like these and other ways of non-conventional wars will never be able to stop the Cuban government´s efforts for the general well-being, the economic, cultural and social development of its people.

The new task on internet that is aimed at subverting the internal order in Cuba and that is it not more than another chapter of the shocking and embarrassing policy of the United States against the Cuban nation.

Washington created that operational group when there have been clear actions carried out about the society´s computerization, along with a vision that prioritizes the social access and looks for protecting the nation´s sovereignty in spite of the economic limitations.

As a unanimous decision and without foreign conditions or impositions, the Cuban government has reiterated that it will continue improving the society´s computerization strategy and the gradual increase of the citizen access to internet.

By Angélica Paredes López

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