The Culinary Architect: Recreating a Cuban dinner at home

IMG_3259March 23, 2017 | My husband, son and I recently went to Cuba and ate the most delicious foods.

Fresh, flavorful and satiating — what a treat to be able to partake in a different culture that is only three hours away from New York.

Upon our return, I kept remembering all the tastes and flavors and wanted to recreate a meal highlighting real Cuban cuisine.

Start off with a Mojito to get you in the Cuban mood and follow with Cuban roasted pork, black beans — “frijole neros” (served at every meal we ate in Cuba), and rice.

If desired, place the suggested garnishes in bowls on a platter and serve with the cut up pork roast.

Finish off your meal with fresh tropical fruit.

Turn on some Salsa music and, if you close your eyes, you may even feel you have been transported to Havana, no visa or travel affidavit required.


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