The Cuban writer Damaris Calderón gets prize for poetry in Chile

Damaris Calderón was honored with the Award of National Arts Altazor in Chile in Poetry category for his book The pulsations of defeat. This award is given to the most important works published in the period of the award.

The genius of this award is not only because it is an international award, but is also because the artists are the ones who celebrate the most notably work of their colleagues, artists are recognizing the work of other creators.

“It’s a sharp, cruel, ironic book, written in a language exteriorist but populated metaphors and symbols”, reported Chilian Nain Nómez writer.

“The language of Damaris Calderón again and again on itself to function in the nucleus of its own diaspora, of his own figurative and concrete deterritorialization, its own uniqueness escaping, border and / or rooted in the consciousness of the hopeless human history, “he concludes.

The Altazor award has been given since 2000 to Chilean creators and performers who have made during the awards relevant work. The recognition is done in five areas: Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Media Arts, which are divided into 40 categories.

Damaris Calderón, born in Havana in 1967, graduated from Arts and Philology in University of Havana, besides she has a master degree in Classical Languages and Cultures by the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences (MEST). Since 1995 lives in Chile and is Professor of Literature at the Universidad Finis Terrae in Santiago de Chile.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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