The Cuban Five and Silvio in Concert for Our Homeland (+ PHOTOS)

In a live concert that will endure throughout history, Silvio Rodriguez, the Cuban Five, and the Cuban people sang together. All Cubans sang for our Homeland, sovereignty, dignity, and resistance.

This concert was the stage where Havana’s people celebrated the return of the Cuban antiterrorists. It was a concert to show our everlasting gratitude to them for the priceless contribution to the Revolution.

It was the meeting of the Heroes with their people. The same people who made them Giants, immortals, and symbols to be followed by futures generations while they were resisting behind bars.

No doubt it was a historic concert. It was shown once again that Heroes are born from injustice in this island. It was concert number 62 for Silvio Rodriguez in his tour all around Cuba’s neighborhoods. But love made this concert different, unforgettable.

This December 20th will be recalled as the day The Cuban Five, Silvio Rodriguez, and the Cuban people sang —as stated by Gerardo Nordelo on the stage at Latinoamericano Stadium— The Five Anthem in their unjust imprisonment: Dicen que me arrastrarán por sobre rocas, cuando la revolución se venga abajo, que machacarán mis manos y mi boca, que me arrancarán los ojos y el badajo. Será que la necedad parió conmigo, la necedad de lo que hoy resulta necio: la necedad de asumir al enemigo, la necedad de vivir sin tener precio. Yo no se lo que es el destino, caminando fui lo que fui. Allá dios, que será divino. Yo me muero como viví. Yo me muero como viví.



By Aday del Sol and Manuel H. Lagarde, Now
December 22, 2014


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