The continued escapades of Rosa María Payá

logo-elecciones-generales-2017-2018-750x470.jpgby Sandy Marks, March 13, 2018 — The provocative and well-heeled Rosa María Payá is in Cuba once again trying to impress on other counterrevolutionaries in Cuba a new tome full of lies, titled “Joint Pronouncement.” It apparently questions the Cuban electoral system, with the dirty intention of keeping up the anti-Cuban smear campaign. But alas, the Cuban electoral system is alive and well, and packed with Cuban voters who turned out in the millions for this week’s elections. Over 83 % of the electorate voted to choose new leaders, close to 8 million of the island country’s 11 million population!

Payá’s misguided (or guided?) action in this, is funded by her right wing benefactors in the US and elsewhere. Her documents apparently have ghosts—that is to say, the ghost writers of the words she claims are her own. Her intention was or is to lob such writings into gatherings where counter-revolution is already the order of the day and people like Rosa María are on the prowl to make a buck. Her stories don’t hold water in the circles where the realities of US-Cuba friendship are carried out everyday.

Rosa María and her cronies are seeking to manufacture falsehoods and innuendos in order to submit them to Luis Almagro, leader of the American-made OAS, in order to invoke the OAS Democratic Charter against Cuba and Venezuela, and provoke hostile actions against the two revolutionary countries or at least succeed in disregarding these two nations regionally.

Rosa María’s latest dog and pony show is granting the so called Oswaldo Payá award “Liberty and Life” 2017 to a group of renegades and other right wing personalities, organized under the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas (IDEA, its Spanish acronym), which has become prominent in the anti-Cuban ideological war. With its suspicious secrecy, the organizers of the event were silent about who would participate – their names will be known only when they arrive in Havana.

The second award will be given to the Secretary General of the OAS Luis Almagro, the former president of Mexico Felipe Calderón and the former Chilean Minister Mariana Aylwin. Her first attempt last year was thwarted by the Cuban people.

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