Terrorist Acts against Venezuela Denounced at UN

United Nations, Mar 31 (Prensa Latina) The permanent representative of Venezuela to the UN, Samuel Moncada, denounced recent terrorist acts committed against his country to damage vital infrastructure such as the power grid.

Speaking at an open session of the Security Council, the diplomat reaffirmed his nation’s commitment to the fight against terrorism and its financing.

The recent attacks on Venezuela’s power grid and also on President Nicolas Maduro, in August 2018, when a foiled assassination attempt was carried out, are a flagrant violation of resolution 2341 of the Security Council, affirmed Moncada.

In addition, he noted that terrorist activities against Venezuela are planned, instigated, executed and financed with resources stolen from the South American nation as part of a campaign of aggression that has the support of foreign powers.

These policies and practices represent a threat to peace and security both internationally and in my country, said the Venezuelan ambassador.

He also asked the Security Council to demand that its resolutions be fully implemented and to reject the use of terrorist practices as a weapon against legitimate government institutions.

Cuba also condemned the harmful, illegal and violatory practice of the principles of the UN Charter by certain States, which finance, support or promote terrorist and subversive actions aimed at undermining the constitutional order of other countries in order to impose ‘regime change’.

The international community cannot accept that under the banner of an alleged fight against terrorism, certain states commit acts of aggression, undermine national sovereignty, interfere in the internal affairs of others and violate human rights, he added.

We firmly reject the double standards, the political selectivity and the unilateral actions of some governments that seek to certify conducts and elaborate lists that are politically motivated and contrary to international law, he stressed.


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