Telmary to represent the Cuban alternative music scene in Mexico

Havana, March 27 (Radio Cadena Agramonte) – Singer Telmary Díaz, from the hip-hop scene, has been selected to participate in the Guadalajara International Music Fair, FIMPRO 2018, one of the most important Latin music forums on the international circuit, to be held May 23 to the 27.

The Interactivo member was chosen from among 600 groups, of which 15 made the final cut and obtained their ticket to perform showcases before music industry specialists from Europe, the United States, and Latin America.

This is the first time that an artist from Cuba will feature as part of the festival in Mexico, where Telmary will perform hits from several stages of her career with Free Hole Negro, Interactivo, and as a solo artist.

Mexican journalist and music critic Betto Arcos, moderator and curator of FIMPRO, believes that Telmary’s presence is an excellent opportunity for international producers to learn not only about her career, but different aspects of the Cuban alternative scene.

“In contrast to dance music or typically Cuban music (salsa, timba, jazz), rock, Cuban hip-hop, and almost all alternative music have been somewhat isolated from the rest of Latin America and their presence has not been felt in festivals or in markets on the continent. For the first time, a large community of the independent music industry in Latin America, Europe, and the United States will have the opportunity to listen to a group from the new Cuban generation, with a leader who is firmly based on ancestral roots, and who points with her work toward the future. Telmary is one of the most important female voices of her generation and her project will be a great contribution to FIMPRO 2018,” Arcos told Granma.

Telmary released the album A Diario (with Bis Music) in 2005, with which she established herself as one of the most versatile voices in contemporary Cuban music and a composer with a critical conscience whose lyrics emphasize women’s empowerment in processes of social change. This edition of the festival will include concerts, workshops, conferences, business forums and meetings on the Latin alternative music market.

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