Take a trip to Cuba with a renowned local chef

Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre

People who have always wanted to take a culinary trip with one of Philadelphia’s distinguished chefs now have the chance.

Chef Guillermo Pernot, chef-partner of Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar, is taking his third culinary expedition to Cuba from Oct. 2-7 with 24 lucky guests. Reservations start July 20, the same day the Cuban embassy reopens in the United States.

The purpose of the trip is to expose guests to Cuban food — contemporary Cuban food.

“When we take them on this trip, we show them how different the food they think Cuban food is,” Pernot said. “We want to make sure they know the food they’ve been eating is … 60 years old — it’s food that was before the Revolution.”

Most people’s view of Cuban food is “outdated” and they’re not considering all the changes that have taken place in Cuba in the last six decades, he said.

“There is so much more going in Cuba right now,” Pernot said. “They know what the rest of the world is doing. They are experimenting with new things, and they understand the world is looking for different presentations and that not everything is piled up in one plate.”

The country is understanding that people are looking to eat lighter with smaller portions and that presentation is a major factor in the culinary world now.

Kenneth Hilario, Philadelphia Business Journal
July 16, 2015

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