Take A Look Inside This Thriving Cuban Synagogue

photo by Lorin Duckman

Scribe | April 25 2017 |When you don’t have to work and don’t have to be anywhere, the most difficult decision faced on a day-to-day basis is how to occupy your time. Some volunteer. Some see their grandkids, walk the dog and play golf. Others have hobbies, exercise or do good deeds. Since you don’t have to be anywhere at a specific time, you travel wherever you want, for as long as money allows and it’s not called a vacation. The trip is just called “travel.”

Planning travel isn’t a simple matter. If you are married, like I am, the selection process starts with finding a place both parties can agree on — a place that has things to see or hear that appeal to both persons. For us, the place must also be safe, a not-so-easy requirement in today’s violent world. That’s not to say we don’t go to places where terrorist have attacked, like Paris, London or Istanbul, attacks which could happen anywhere, but we aren’t going to Venezuela or the Congo. Comfort and convenience count, but not so much, because so many choices present themselves which are mostly dependent on money.


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