Syrian Minister praises Prensa Latina’s media work

Damascus, Sep 6 (Prensa Latina) The Minister of Information, Boutros Al-Halaq, praised today the objective coverage of the Latin American news agency Prensa Latina about what has been happening in Syria since the beginning of the war imposed on this Arab nation in 2011.

The incumbent’s recognition was expressed during the reception of Prensa Latina’s president, Luis Enrique Gonzalez, in this capital, and in the presence of the director general of the Syrian News Agency (SANA), Iyad Wannous, the deputy minister of the branch, Ahmad Dawa, and the ambassador of the island here, Luis Mariano Fernandez.

There are many prospects for media cooperation between our two countries as we share many things in common and face the same challenges, the minister said.

He assured that Damascus and Havana defend their sovereignty and oppose the projects of imperialism and colonialism.

He welcomed the existing cooperation between the two agencies and called for greater communication to influence public opinions and for the benefit of the truth of the two countries.

In turn, Luis Enrique Gonzalez said that Prensa Latina has accompanied the Syrian people during all these years of war and has not stopped covering the situation for a single day despite aggression and attacks.

Our media is committed to the Syrian people and its cause, and to the defense of our reasons and truth, the Cuban executive reaffirmed.

He clarified that Prensa Latina was created in times of hostile media campaigns against the Cuban Revolution and in circumstances very similar to those that the Syrian people are currently undertaking.

The reasons why Prensa Latina was founded are still very valid today to defend Cuba, Syria and all countries suffering aggression, he said.

During the meeting, the two parties expressed their willingness to increase cooperation in the field of multimedia and reciprocal media support, as well as the coverage of the summit of the Group of 77 and China, to be held in Havana on the 15th and 16th of this month.

On June 24, 1965, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) was created and has played an important role in confronting Western media campaigns and defending the just Arab causes, particularly the Palestinian one.


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