Syrian ambassador to Cuba condemns Western hypocrisy regarding Russia

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Havana, Mar 3 (Prensa Latina) Syrian Ambassador to Cuba Idris Ahmad Mayya said on Thursday that the disinformation campaigns practiced by the West regarding Russia recall the lies and hypocrisy against his country.

In an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina, the diplomat repeated his rejection of the Western policy of hegemony and interference in the internal affairs of other countries, the sowing of chaos, double standards and the imposition of unilateral coercive measures.

He pointed out that Moscow is exercising its right to self-defense in the face of an undeclared war waged for more than 20 years by expanding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and besieging it with military bases, with the aim of maintaining the hegemony of the United States and the West around the world.

Russia has the full right to defend itself and eliminate the imminent danger of its people in the face of attempts to threaten its national security and attack its stability, the Arab diplomat said.

The ambassador denounced that while the wars are rejected, the occupation of Arab lands by Israel continues and the violation of the sovereignty of Syrian territory by military forces from Turkey and the United States of America.

Ahmad Mayya explained that his country rejects biased approaches based on political propaganda or that become an instrument of pressure and political blackmail in order to undermine Russia’s legitimate right to protect its territory and its people.

The Western attack on Russia represents utter political hypocrisy; if the United States and its allies were really serious about defusing tension in that region, they would have kept their three-decade-old promise not to expand NATO eastwards, he added.

Ahmad Mayya expressed his country’s confidence in Russia’s ability to confront the fierce war and disinformation campaigns with the same determination with which Syria has defeated terrorist groups backed by Western colonial powers.


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