Symposium on Latin America ten-line stanza in Cuba

repentismo_cuba[1]The Chair of the Tenth Studies, University of Matanzas, invites to participate in the V Symposium  on Latin America ten-line stanza  in Cuba during the 28th and 29th of September, as a tribute to the intangible cultural heritage of the nation Cuban.

In order to stimulate oral and written expressions of the stanza, the event will held a guateque to the creator Jesus Orta Ruiz (1922-2005), in the Nabori House in the municipality of Limonar, and a theoretical meeting at the institution of higher education located on the outskirts of this city.

Carlos Chacon Zaldivar, president of the Chair, explained that at the invitation of approach to the history and development of the espinela, fans can participate, researchers, teachers and students from different schools and cultural centers.

The imprint of the author of Escape from the angel and his contributions to the tradition, as well as the future of other individuals, groups or major event rooted lyrical mode, are included among the possible topics to be addressed by participants in their presentations.

Dora Pérez García, cultural promoter of Naborí House, told ACN that in its fifth year, the conference will reaffirm as a theoretical-practical space to measure from a scientific basis the evolution of artistic expression, and to foster the link between their contemporary exponents.

Since 1998, the Day of the ten-line stanza is commemorated every September 30, the date he was born Jesus Orta Ruiz in the second decade of the last century, to transcend the nickname of Indio Naborí paradigm growers spinela improvised and written.

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