Swiss solidarity movement with Cuba denounces destabilizing crusade

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Bern, Nov 13 (Prensa Latina) The Friborg chapter of the Swiss-Cuba Solidarity Association denounced the launch of new destabilizing operations against the island by the United States, and considered them an attempt of a “soft coup.”

Andrea Duffour, president of the chapter, issued a statement accusing Washington of promoting a “mercenary fifth column” with the encouragement of supposedly civic and peaceful marches, called for November 15th.

Said statement repudiates the crusade and the use of the counterrevolution as its spearhead, as well as the media designed to spread it.

In this regard, the organization described the operation against Cuba as an avalanche of false news, attributing them to a plan orchestrated by US intelligence agencies.

The chapter supported the island’s right to defend itself under its democratically approved Constitution and laws.

It also recalled that others before, such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Syria and other countries, have been the target of destabilizing actions, in line with the manuals and plans applied by the United States to governments that do not comply with its say-so.

Duffour commented to Prensa Latina that they will carry out demonstrations on Monday to denounce the infamous maneuver against Cuba and ratify solidarity with its people and government, and reiterated the condemnation of the blockade, which she described as illegal and a crime against humanity.


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