Summit of the Americas is imperialist and exclusionary, Cuba says

Havana, Jun 6 (Prensa Latina) Cuba described the Summit of the Americas as a forum of imperialist domination and exclusion, according to a statement by the Revolutionary Government released by the Foreign Ministry this Monday.

The statement pointed out that the United States abuses the privilege granted by its status as host country of the summit to decide early to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

It stressed that Washington refused to heed the just demands of a number of governments to change this discriminatory and unacceptable position.

“There is not a single reason that justifies the undemocratic and arbitrary exclusion of any country in the hemisphere from this continental summit. It is something that Latin American and Caribbean nations warned about since the 6th Summit held in Cartagena de Indias, in 2012, the statement emphasized.

It recalled that President Miguel Diaz-Canel announced on May 25 that he would not attend. “It was a firm decision made by Cuba if all the countries of the hemisphere were not invited on an equal footing,” he said.

It considered this US exclusion policy arrogance and fear because uncomfortable truths would not be heard at the summit and it would become an event without concrete contributions but profitable for the image of imperialism.

The intense high-level negotiations carried out by the United States with governments of the region are known, in order to contain the intention of many to absent themselves from the event if everyone is not invited, the text added.

It added that the US included immoral pressures, blackmail, threats and dirty tricks of deception. “These are usual practices of imperialism that reflect its traditional contempt for our countries. They deserve the most energetic condemnation.”

Cuba appreciates and respects the dignified, courageous and legitimate position of numerous governments in defense of the participation of all, under equal conditions, the document said, which especially praises stand of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

It highlighted “the clear and early attitude of the CARICOM member countries against exclusions, as well as the firm stance of President of Bolivia, Luis Arce Catacora; and President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro.”

Cuba considered the position of Argentina, as president of CELAC, expresses the opinion of most countries of the region against a selective summit, as many governments of South and Central America have expressed in public and in private.

This genuine and spontaneous solidarity, in the face of the discriminatory action of the United States against countries of the region, reflects the feelings of the peoples of Our America. The United States underestimated the support for Cuba in the region, it noted.

The statement said that the 21st ALBA Summit, held in Havana on May 27, unequivocally repudiated exclusions and discriminatory and selective treatment.


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