Summer Tourism in Trinidad de Cuba

Not even the high temperatures of the Cuban summer have overcome the charm and magic of the Holy Trinity Village, Cultural Heritage of Humanity. As a distinction from these times, the cobblestone streets, the colonial architecture, and the air that mark the excellence of Trinidad as a destination for the foreign traveler, are complemented by the presence of tourists, who also seek the latest news on the beaches and hotels of this city.

If it would occur during our winter season that would be regarded as normal behavior, however, our summer also attracts visitors to the village of Trinidad, located in south central Cuba, looking for much more than entertainment.

What is tentative in the aptly named City Museum of the Caribbean are the delightful local and specialized foods, the aroma and flavor of the tropical fruits, the refreshing drinks born of excellent cocktails.

And all that adds to its fine craftsmanship, ranging from textiles to pottery, with the predominance of the Santander seal. And to round off a good stay, the visitor receives the decline of the day in the new tavern dedicated to The Beatles, sipping revitalizing spirits while enjoying classics such as Yesterday or Hey Jude.


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