Summer recreational and cultural program finished in Camagüey

Camaguey, Aug 31.- As part of the activities to close the summer, new sports facilities were open this weekend, in areas surrounding Hatibonico river.

The wide array of activities that included the participation of directorates of sport and culture, among other institutions, is the first stage of the project “The city looks at its rivers”.

This program, sponsored by the Office of the City Historian of Camagüey, involves several entities of the territory.

Manifold cultural, sports and recreational proposals were planned among the options for the people of Camaguey present at this celebration.

Rodeo competitions, humorous, dramatic and dancing shows were also options for the closing of the holiday period in the territory.

These proposals took place at people’s councils, recreational centers and dance-floors of all municipalities of Camaguey province. (Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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