Summer film festival closes in Cuba

Havana, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) After screening more than 250 films from some 20 countries in theaters throughout Cuba, the Summer Film Festival concludes this Sunday.

The initiative, created 15 years ago, included a varied programe in all the provinces of the country, with 78 premieres and 42 themed cycles based on genres, directors and protagonists.

The cycles offered opportunities to watch historical and biographical films, famous musicals, children’s films, 3D sessions (three-dimensional technology) and screenings dedicated to Charles Chaplin.

There were also literary adaptations, a series of works about sport and a group of audiovisuals directed by women, among them, the drama Nadie quiere la noche (Nobody Wants The Night), by Spanish director Isabel Coixet.

For the closing date, the film The Shining will be screened in the section Adaptations of Stephen King, and The Seven Year Itch, in the Divas’ section on sensuality and seduction.

As part of the ‘Benny More: The Voice of Son’ 100 years cycle, a documentary with the same name will be screened to pay tribute, precisely, to the centenary of birth of the singer and composer, nicknamed the ‘Barbaro del Ritmo’ (Barbarian of Rhythm) and the ‘Sonero Mayor’ (Greatest Sonero) of Cuba.


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