Sugar Mills in Camagüey will Improve Efficiency in power generation

central-azucarero-camaguey[1]Camagüey Nov 21.- The five sugar mills that will be involved in the next harvest in Camagüey seek to increase efficiency in power generation. Camagüey´s sugar company and the distribution entity agreed to provide a bit more than 17 thousand megawatts /hour during the campaign, which will start on December 6.

With this power, it is possible to cover the current annual demand of nine thousand 400 houses, taking as an average a monthly expense of 150 kilowatts/hour per house.

Rubén Bruffau, specialist of the sugar entity, said ACN that refineries are efficiently preparing the energy areas in order to exploit the available sugar cane as much as possible.

He added that the main objective is to increase the agreed figure, which will benefit the workers involved in the production.

In the sugar mills power production use sugar cane bagasse as fuel in the ovens of the boilers, and the turbo generators function with steam.

Camagüey plan to harvest less sugar cane than in the previous campaign due to planting affectations caused by the prevailing drought in the country, but also by sowing and crops attention deficiencies.(ACN)

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