Sugar Mills in Camagüey get ready for next sugarcane harvest

Camagüey, Sep 3.- With the beginning of September, the five sugar mill  that will operate in the next sugarcane harvest in Camaguey begin the decisive reparations stage to guarantee the maximum efficiency in the current period.

According to the planned schedule, at the end of September it should be carried out 75 % of tasks in the different areas of the sugar refineries, like that of the sugar mills, and the boilers.

Technicians and workers join to the process of preparing the factories to achieve a better industries running. The sugar cane processing will begin in December.

José González López, chief of the Production Department of the Sugar Company in Camagüey, mentioned that it is essential to raise the discipline and the quality in the actions that are carried out, in order to prevent setbacks once the sugarcane harvest period begins.

At the end of September, Camagüey must complete three quarters of the commitments for the industries repair and maintenance, which will allow carrying out the ultimate tasks in October and then the corresponding sugarcane harvest exercises.(Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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