Successful solidarity network meeting on Cuba in the U.S.

Washington, Oct 21 (Prensa Latina) Nalda Vigezzi, co-director of the National Network of Solidarity with Cuba (NNOC) in the United States, considered this Monday the annual conference of that organization, in which they planned actions for the coming months, to be very fruitful.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the activist highlighted that during the event concluded this Sunday at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington DC they discussed legislation introduced in Congress about Cuba and the importance of urging members of the Capitol to support them.

In this regard, she noted that they dedicated part of the meeting that began on Friday to the need to defend the right of Americans to travel to the Antillean nation, when the current executive further limits those visits, with measures such as the elimination of educational trips from people to people.

As several of the participants said, many Americans went to the island under that license and, by banning it, even when others remain, there is a cooling effect, people fear the threat of prosecution, Vigezzi said.

That has reduced visits to Cuba and the possibility for Americans to see with their own eyes, not just the achievements of the Cuban Revolution, but the lies and misinformation about U.S. policy, she regretted.

The co-director pointed out that they also talked about the work done at the state and local levels to pass resolutions condemning the blockade and in favor of bilateral relations, which have so far been endorsed in 12 cities in the country.

She added that they also referred to the movement’s support for the Interreligious Foundation for the Community Organization-Pastors for Peace and the Venceremos Brigade, among other initiatives, and discussed the holding of events on the occasion of the upcoming vote against the blockade that will take place in early November at the UN.

Such activities are a way of demonstrating once again that it is not Cuba that is isolated, but the United States, he said, referring to the overwhelming international condemnation that the U.S. siege receives every year.

Some attendees also urged the more than 40 organizations that make up the NNOC to carry out actions in their cities to commemorate next December 17 the fifth anniversary of the return to Cuba of the last three of five Cuban anti-terrorist heroes who were imprisoned in the United States.

On the same date, the presidents of Cuba, Raul Castro and the United States, Barack Obama, announced the beginning of a process of normalization of bilateral relations, which Trump decided to reverse.

In addition, they talked about the participation of several members of the network in the Anti-imperialist Meeting of Solidarity, for Democracy and against Neoliberalism next month in Havana, and about holding an important conference on Cuba in March 2020 in New York.


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