Subversive U.S. Plan Against Cuba Criticized

Buenos Aires, Aug 12 (Prensa Latina) When it comes to Cuba or other countries they want to subvert, the US Government resorts to methods that are a reflection of their infamous double standard, said today Argentinian political scientist Atilio Boron.
In a commentary published by Pagina 12 newspaper, circulating today also on social networks, Boron strongly criticized the violation of Cuba’s sovereignty by the plan implemented through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), using an alleged non governmental organization based in Costa Rica.

The details of that covert operation, launched in 2009, were recently exposed by the Associated Press news agency.

In essence, the plan entailed sending to Cuba, as tourists, a group of youngsters from Venezuela, Peru and Costa Rica with the objective to promote politization and rebelliousness among Cuban yout against the Government with the pretext to take part in an alleged AIDS prevention-related event.

Boron notes that the U.S. legislation punishes harshly any activity of this kind that could be promoted by a foreign government within the United States.

However, the double standard used by the U.S. Government turns what is considered at home as a crime deserving harsh sanctions into a virtuous activity if it is carried out abroad, says Boron.

The recruiting and sending of the group of youngsters to Cuba is only one of many White House programs used to promote a “change of regime” -an euphemism used to avoid talking about “constitutional subversion” or “sedition” in Cuba, hided behind organizations including USAID, the National Endowment for Democracy and a great many non governmental organizations or institutions presumably interested in promoting human rights, environmental protection and development, says Boron.


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