Substances Depleting the Ozone Layer to be Destroyed in Cuba

Sancti Spíritus, Cuba, Nov 8.- The first plant for the destruction of substances harmful to the ozone layer of Latin America (SAO) in this central Cuban province, awaits to be operacional soon, assured today Salvador Damas, deputy technical director of the factory.

This project, executed at the Siguaney cement factory, is the result of a strategy developed between Cuba and the Multilateral Fund of the Protocol of Montreal through the UN Development Program (UNDP).

In statements given to Prensa Latina, Damas said that according to the chronogram, the technical trials and the putting the plant into operation, will be carried out with the participation of specialists from the Spanish firm Miesa Exportacion S.L. which supplied automated technology.

This step -he added- is essential to start feeding some 130 tons of Chlorofluocarbons (CFC) in this case gas Freon, stored after substituting in the country over 2.5 million refrigerators and about 300 thousand air conditioners a few years ago.

Destruction of CFCs has the objective of giving a secure environmental destiny to the SAOs and thus prevent harmful emissions to the atmosphere.

Damas explained the plant is provided with a pool to heat up the gas before being injected for its destruction at one thousand 400 degrees Celsius. CFCs decompose totally in a matter of seconds starting at 900 degrees C.

It was reported that the specialists of the cement factory accumulate experience in the incineration of the gudron acid, a refuse of oil refining, all used oils, outdated psychotropics and narcotics captured from different sources. (Prensa Latina)

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