State Leaders Hopeful for Trade Launch Engage Cuba Kentucky State Council

A new, bipartisan Kentucky council aiming to strengthen ties between the U.S. and Cuba has high hopes for trade.

State Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles and Blue Equity CEO Jonathan Blue launched the Engage Cuba Kentucky State Council Tuesday. Republican Congressman James Comer and Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth serve as honorary co-chairs.

One aim of the council is to lift the U.S. embargo on Cuba to grow Kentucky exports. Comer said lifting the embargo will allow the Caribbean nation to import major Kentucky crops like soybeans and poultry – and provide better access to Cuban products like coffee. He has called lifting the embargo a “win-win for American farmers and consumers.”

President Donald Trump announced in June new restrictions on trade and travel with Cuba. The Kentucky council represents the 17th state to join the Engage Cuba coalition.

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