Sri Lankan federation sends letter to US Ambassador to support Cuba

Colombo, May 29 (Prensa Latina) The Federation of National Organizations (FNO) of Sri Lanka sent a letter to the United States Ambassador to this country, Julie Chung, on Wednesday demanding Cuba’s removal from allegedly states-sponsor-of-terrorism (SSOT) list.

Every time the United States Department of State adds a country to that list, it is not with noble intentions but to lead to its destruction, says the letter signed by FNO Director Gunadasa Amarasekara and published on the Lankaleader website.

The Federation pointed out that Washington is playing the role of the world’s policeman to destroy Cuba in retaliation for being an example of government to the United States in the interest of the people.

It also considered that the unjust designation by the White House on Cuba also shows the fear of the US elite class that Cuba will become a banner of struggle for the economically, socially, and politically oppressed US people.

The Federation of National Organizations recalled Chung that Cuba’s greatest strength to stand firm is international solidarity.

It also stressed that it would always support Cuba’s claim until it is finally removed from that arbitrary list.


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