Sri Lanka selects candidates to study medicine in Cuba

Colombo, Apr 9 (Prensa Latina) The Sri Lankan Ministry of Education on Tuesday evaluated the candidates to study medicine in Havana, at a meeting that was attended by Cuban Ambassador Andrés González.

Like every year, Cuba offered the possibility for a Sri Lankan student to receive medical training at Cuban universities, the Cuban Embassy in Colombo highlighted in a press release.

H. G. A. Caldera, deputy secretary of the Ministry of Education, also participated in the selection process, as well as the Vice President of the University Grants Commission, Professor Chandana P. Udawate; Chiththadhamma Rathnamudali, president of the Association of Sri Lankan Graduates in Cuba; and Maribel Duarte, first secretary of the Cuban Embassy, among others, the diplomatic source added.

Also present were young people interested in the educational option that the Cuban Government offers to Sri Lanka as part of cooperation between the two nations.

At present, five young Sri Lankans are enrolled at the Latin American School of Medicine, a university that is part of Cuba’s Comprehensive Health Program and welcomes students from countries in the America, Africa, Asia and Oceania, the diplomatic source recalled.

Sri Lanka has more than 100 graduates from Cuban institutions in majors related to computers, sports, engineering, medicine and others.


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