Spanish journalist reiterates commitment to Cuba despite harassment

Madrid, Feb 12 (Prensa Latina) Spanish journalist and political activist José Manzaneda reiterated today his commitment to Cuba, despite the harassment he is suffering in a context he described as “media and judicial persecution”.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, Manzaneda, coordinator of the digital media Cubainformación, in television, web and print format, explained that he faces this week’s trial against him and the Euskadi-Cuba friendship association with absolute tranquility.

Next Thursday, February 15, will take place in the Criminal Court 31 of Madrid the oral hearing against Manzaneda, accused by the president of the NGO Prisoners Defenders, Javier Larrondo -an open opponent of the Cuban Revolution- of “serious insults and slander and of a hate crime”.

Larrondo’s reference is for an article on Cuban medical cooperation, in which he was called a “war criminal”.

Regarding this and other related issues, Manzaneda responded in detail to Prensa Latina and also said: “This is not the first attack, in the mainstream media we have suffered criminalization for many, many years, they have lied about our activity, and within organizations opposed to the Cuban Revolution such as this one that now summons us, we have been the target of all these people.

He added that behind them there is a strategy that tries to damage Cuba, and its economy, to destabilize the country, and in this great strategy we are some people or organizations, of solidarity, of critical and alternative journalism, and to a lesser extent, we have also been victims of harassment, criminalization of our activities and of media lies for many years.


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