Spanish filmmaker believes nothing will stop the Cuban Revolution


Madrid, Feb 3 (Prensa Latina) Spanish documentary filmmaker Ana Hurtado on Thursday said nothing will stop the course of the Cuban Revolution, not even the fierce blockade maintained by the United States for six decades.

The director of the documentary Herencia (Heritage), about Cuba’s cultural roots, told Prensa Latina that Cuba has resisted and is an example of defense of its sovereignty with dignity, on the 60th anniversary of the enactment of the US economic blockade.

Subsequent US administrations have been perpetuating a genocidal blockade against the Cuban people; in spite of everything, there is no one who can stop the will of a country, she said.

“From my activism for Cuba’s self-determination and sovereignty, I call for theblockade to end (…) new administrations might come up, but it is clear that Cuba does not surrender, does not kneel before anyone, does not obey orders from Washington,” Hurtado said.

An Andalusian living in Barcelona for the past 11 years, with journalistic experience in Seville, she previously argued that “it is scary to detect how much manipulation there is around Cuba and how the same model that the United States tried against Venezuela in order to bring about its demise, is being repeated with the island.”

Cuba keeps on defeating the blockade, she concluded.


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