Spanish Actor Willy Toledo Calls to End the USA Blockade on Cuba

Madrid, Dec 26 (Prensa Latina) The Spanish actor Willy Toledo today described the agreement which opens the possibility of ending the USA blockade on Cuba as a victory for the government and people of Cuba.

Toledo, who lives in Cuba for several months, considered that the policy imposed by the USA government for 55 years constitutes a criminal action against the people who suffer the consequences directly.

He said that the agreements announced by Presidents Raúl Castro and Barack Obama towards the normalization of bilateral relations caused great satisfaction among those who support Cuba and its revolution for years.

Questioned by the Spanish broadcaster La Sexta on freedom of expression, Toledo said that the island has hundreds of publications but there is not private television because everything belongs to the state, to the Cuban people.

He also recalled that several counter revolutionary prisoners that left to Spain after their release ended requesting their return to Cuba due to their bad economic situation and labor conditions.

The Spanish actor has worked in several movies like Los Amantes Pasajeros (2013), directed by Pedro Almodovar, Diamantes Negros (2013), directed by Miguel Alcantud, Crimen perfecto (2004), by Alex de la Iglesia and El Misterio Galindez (2003), by Gerardo Herrero, among others.


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